Old Pecan Street Festival In Austin

Dated: 05/02/2015

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     It’s that time of year when the Austenite heads on out to Pecan Street for some good food, good music, and local arts and crafts. Some of you might not recognize the name Pecan Street as it was renamed 6th Street. That’s enough history for today. 

     Today I ventured out to the festival to try some Cajun styled fried shrimp. I had been craving these shrimp since the first time I visited the festival, three or four, years ago. I remember going to the festival my first year in Austin and not being able to taste the food. Why? I was putting myself through what I now consider a mild form of torture. I was juicing. Yup, juicing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Mean Green juice (that’s another story). Anyways, I remember sitting on the curb, with my thermos filled with healthy juice, when a gentleman sits down to eat with a pie tin overflowing with fries and fried shrimp, having not eaten solid food for about two weeks I still have no idea how I did not just reach over and devoured his food.

     Back to the present, I finally got to the festival and found the vendor and ordered the pie tin. I have to say it was some of the best-fried shrimp I have ever tried. 

     Anyways, enough about me, I’m supposed to be talking about the festival. It’s held twice a year, the first week in May and the last week in September. I highly recommend, whether new to or have lived in Austin for years that you head on out at least once. Who knows you might find that unique piece of art for you home.

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